Our Services


Finding qualified talent to fill your open permanent positions can be a complicated and time-consuming process.   With the current war for talent you need to have a strategy that is built to solve the challenge by consistently sourcing, recruiting and on-boarding the best candidates.   Our founder has been successfully helping organizations find and hire top talent for well over 20 years.    We will take the time to understand your needs, your environment and your culture and work tirelessly to find you the best talent available.   Our fee structure is very competitive and depending on the size of your organization we will tailor a solution that meets your needs and cost structure. 


Retained Search is reserved as a higher level service which includes a dedicated recruiting project team with superior expertise to represent your organization and attract senior level passive candidates.  Clients who are looking to fill senior level vacancies and confidential replacement searches generally prefer retained search. The standard fee in Retained Search is based on the total annual expected compensation for the position and payments are billable in 3 installments.  This model is designed to give the client the confidence that the entire search is being fully managed and that they have a dedicated team of experts who are providing them with the best viable candidates in the market.  



Contained Search is considered the hybrid pricing model as it is often the logical choice for clients who would still like the superior performance of retained search, but with the urgency, upfront cost efficiency and payment structure that is competitive with Contingent Search.  The standard fee in Contained Search is based on the total annual expected compensation for the position and comes with a Full Replacement Guarantee and payments are billable in 2 installments. The first payment is a deposit to initiate the search and the final remaining balance payment is billable upon the candidate’s start date.  The Contained search is an excellent model for critical hiring needs at that need to be fulfilled by a defined date.  We suggest this model for clients who have hiring vacancies that must be completed within a 6-8 week window as we put a great sense of urgency towards the search.

Contingent search is a "pay for performance" model in that the client does not pay any fees until an AVAIL candidate is successfully on-boarded.   The standard fee in Contingent Search is of the total annual expected compensation for the position and comes with a Full Replacement Guarantee and payment is in one installment for the full search fee amount, billable on the candidate’s start date.


With extensive experience in the staffing industry, our team is often asked to help plan and execute both short-term and long-term strategic staffing models.   We understand the difference between a Staff Augmentation strategy and a Talent Acquisition strategy and will work with you to find the appropriate solution for your business needs.   We have an extensive network of other service providers that we can recommend if we are unable to propose a proper solution.


The current market for highly qualified candidates is very competitive and industry experts don't predict a change anytime soon.  Our seasoned staff augmentation team has expert knowledge of the people, processes and technology required to find the right talent for your organization, whether you need them for a set contract, for a contract-to-hire situation, or if you are seeking a full-time hire.   With the flexibility to help your organization scale based on workflow, we enable you to focus on your core business while we focus on continually giving you access to the top talent available in your market.